What is Google Panda Update?

During recent years there have been buzz in SEO industry every now and then that Google rolled-out Panda update. What exactly it is? I will let you know everything related to Googles’ Panda update in this post.

Why Panda Came into Existence?

With growing web usage and competition for monetizing from web SEO professionals were taking measures to manipulate Google SERP, keeping webmasters guidelines aside. When Panda came into existence, web was full of content and most was not informative to user, the whole sole purpose of that content was to help websites rank.

With the help of automated tools SEO community was generating content and distributing it, giving wrong ranking signals to search giant. For stooping web spam Google gave birth to Panda.


What is Panda?

In terms of SEO Panda is not that cute bamboo eating black and white bear found in south central china, Panda is an update made by Google in their algorithm to fight with poor quality/thin, spinned and copied/duplicate content over web. (more…)