How to Buy an Old Domain: What to Check?

With number of algorithm updates from Google, the value of domain really matters a lot. If you are thinking to build a new website for your business and want it to rank over search engines then instead of registering for a new domain prefer to go for the one that is for sale. In this post I will pen down some resources and matrices to look for while buying an old and valued domain.


Where Will You Find Expired Domains?

There are number of online tools that give you a list of expired domains with a lot of other matrices for evaluating its value. I have used almost all of them and found Moonsy the best one; it provides you lot of information about every listed domain for sale including its price, time left for sale/bid, Google PR, MOZ DA, internal pages with PR, and much more.

Every expired domain is either sold on a fix price by the owner or it is placed in auction for bidding; prefer to go for domains that give you an option of “buy now” if you have limited budget, as bidding over good domains usually costs a lot. (more…)


What to Check While Registering Domain and How to Use Keywords in URL?

If you are going to launch a new site for your business or thinking to optimize URL of your website then you will find this post worth spending the time. In the first part you will learn importance of domain name and later I will illustrate on creating keyword optimized URL.

How to Register a Domain?

There are lot of websites that offer services of domain name registration and hosting, picking any of those service does not make any effect on websites’ ranking. You can choose which ever you wish.

Google understands keyword, this is a well known fact; but if you are thinking to register a domain that is having keywords of your business then I will suggest you to wait for a while. There is another thing that Google and other search engines favor more than keywords- authority of the domain.

If you wish to rank good in search results with minimal efforts then instead of registering a new domain name you should better check for those that are for sale. Lot of old domains holds authority in search engines’ eye, try to grab them.

(Edited: You must check that the old domain your are looking for isn’t penalized before you buy it.)

You can easily defeat your competitors that has a business keyword specific website if your domain holds good authority. Try to get oldest possible domain and make that your brand. (more…)