How to Create a Website from SEOs’ Eye?

What basically a website is? A websites is a place where you represent your services or products; it can be accessed from any location worldwide by any person using a browser. Building a websites is not an easy task but it is useless if people are not reaching to it. Google has been clear that they are not going to make it visible in search results if it is not up to their credentials.

In this post I am not sharing any technical details of SEO but only my personal experience on how your website should be developed in order to rank over search engines.

Websites are Created for Users

The very first thing that you must keep in mind is – you are building website for users. So try to make each and every piece of it informative for them. Most of the people do not prefer to visit a site that they finds hard to seek information and thus those websites have an awful bounce rate. Google keeps record of every visit and bounce rates and thus affect search queries.

The design of your website should be according to your targeted users. If you are targeting kids then it should be bright and colourful, if its youngsters then attractive, if professionals then the look and feel should be decent and hierarchical. (more…)


Helpful Tools to Practice SEO

In the industry of Search Engine Optimization life revolves around ranking higher over organic search results. The work of SEO yields best results if done manually, software are not that much useful but still few tools are really helpful for search engine optimizers. I am going to list a few of them here.

SEO Quake Toolbar:

The traffic and page rank are some of the most important factors for SEO. While you are visiting any website for creating you link you must check the traffic and is the PR higher or at least equivalent to your web site. SEO Quake toolbar is free for Firefox browser and it shows accurate information of Google PR, Alexa traffic rank, number of pages indexed over Google’s database, number of pages indexed in Bing, age of the domain, Facebook shares, Tweets and much more at one place. This toolbar is a must have asset if you are a SEO.

NoDoFollow Addon:

How do you check the links you created on other web gives you website strength? NoDoFollow is really a great addon for Firefox browser that will let you check the links that you created are Dofollow or Nofollow in simple mouse clicks. It will highlight all Nofollow links on a webpage in red colour and Dofollow one in bluish colour.

This addon is nearly brilliant but it sometimes shows external nofollow links as dofollow. This is the best we have but better check the source code for being sure that the website you are working on gives you dofollow link.

Sharing a list of helpful addons for Firefox. (more…)

How to do Social Bookmarking and What to Bookmark

Basically social bookmarking is saving and sharing useful and interesting content over web through your accounts to other web surfers. From SEO’s point these websites are very helpful in increasing the visibility and traffic to website, blog, article and other web entities.

Generally most of the social bookmarking websites have a nice reputation in search engines eye as they displays variety of informative content from various resources; mostly they possess high page rank and great traffic. Getting links from those great bookmarking websites benefits in many ways; the major benefits include:

  • Rapid indexing via social bookmarking sites.
  • Traffic generation via social bookmarking sites.
  • Personal branding via social bookmarking sites.
  • Quick quality back links via social bookmarking sites.

How to do Social Bookmarking?

For bookmarking your websites, blogs and other URLs; you have to create accounts over social bookmarking websites. Once you are registered user, try to add more and more people to your groups and communities. Every bookmarking websites provide you different means for sharing your content like add page, links or bookmarks.

You do not need to work on large number of bookmarking sites; having active account over few good ones will do the job. A list of few great website includes “,,,,, etc”. (more…)

How to do OnPage for your Websites Effectively

The work of search engine optimization has been broadly divided into two major tasks, OnPage and OffPage activities. Both hold its own importance for search engines, OnPage work shows search engine crawlers what exactly your web pages are about and what these pages offer to end users, while OffPage activities includes making links towards your site over Web.

In this post I am sharing my personal experience how you can do OnPage work and make your website search engine friendly. Search engines work on a simple concept of searching the keywords that end-user seek information for in web pages present in their index. OnPage work is the practice to stuff your Keywords in your website content without making it spam.

Let’s Start

Before editing the codes of your website you must know the most important search terms for your website. You can use Google Keyword Suggestion Tool for the task. Enter your website URL in keyword tool and analyze all exact, broad and partial match keywords. Select most relevant keywords according to the number of hits in the region you wish to rank your website.

Now since you knows most relevant search terms for your business industry let’s check out the codes and start from the very first step.

Meta Tags Optimization: The Meta tags of your web page consist of Title, Description, Robots (for static websites) and Keywords. The syntax for Meta are:

<meta name=”title” content=”Your Website Title”>

<meta name=”description” content=”Your Website Description”>

<meta name=”keyword” content=”Keyword1, Keyword2, Keyword3,…..”>

<meta name=”robots” content=”index, follow”>

The ideal character limit for meta title is 70 characters, for meta description it is 250 character and for keywords try to limit them under 200 characters because after these limits spider do not crawl the content. (more…)

How to Get Dofollow Links from Forum

Google’s distinguished engineer Matt Cutts in one of his interviews have shared that taking links from high PR websites is not enough to get ranked. One of the best ways to get quality links is participation in discussions of your business relevant website. Since forum are discussion board, getting links from there may help your website to rank high in Search Engines.

Always keep in mind: Never stuff your keywords and links in discussions, always be genuine and try to help others by sharing your knowledge. Include the links with your keywords in the signature section. Due to recent Panda and Penguin updated most of the forum now gives nofollow signature links. So how to work?

Let’s Get Started

Since relevancy is an important criteria make query on Search Engine for forums with your keywords, for example: if you are searching iPhone industry forums make a search with “iPhone forums”. Google will show you a big list but not all are supposed to work on from SEO’s point of view.

How to Choose Forum to Work On?

  • There are a lot of criteria that you must check while selecting a forum to work on.
  • The Page Rank of a forum is the first criteria that you must check. Greater the PR more valuable is the forum. (Pick forums of least 4 PR to work on).
  • The traffic of a forum matter a lot. Check the traffic of the forum, is forum getting a nice amount of visitors so you may get a good number of discussions to get involve every day?
  • Is forum having good amount of threads (depending on your personal knowledge) in which you can participate, share knowledge and get links.
  • Last but most important, does the forum gives dofollow links in the signature.


How to do Blog Commenting: What to Check

There have been a number of updates in the algorithm of search giant Google and Yahoo’s CEO Marissa Mayer have also made number of significant changes. They are more concentrated about providing quality results to users and so the simple world of SEO has become a lot more complicated.

As Google have declared content as the King, getting dofollow links from blogs is like travelling miles without any vehicle. This post is concentrated on how to do blog commenting and what measures to check for getting a dofollow link from blogs.

There are number of things that you must check on a blog while making a comment if your want link juice from that content. Let’s start from very beginning.

How to Make a Search

If you are using Search Engines as your tool for searching blogs that give you dofollow links then you must know a few really good scripts that show your desired blog posts. Make a search query with a keyword+“script” (for example mobile applications “please enter the code you see in the image”). Then limit the searches to blog from the menu bar of search engine. Since most of good blogs closes commenting after a week or more so again limit the search results to a certain period.

What to Check in Blogs

Click on multiple links and for each and every blog check a few criteria for making comments.

  • Check the PR of the blog (It should be equal or greater than your website PR).
  • What is the traffic of the blog? (high traffic shows high-quality)
  • How recent the posts are made (blogs that makes post frequently are good quality)
  • The relevance of the blog to your website.
  • Does the blog allow commenting with option of website or HTML tags in comment?


What is SEO

SEO is an online marketing strategy or process of optimizing and improving visibility of websites to appear high in Search Engines Result Pages. Search Engine Optimization enables person to improve the volume and quality of traffic to web pages from major search engines by appearing in organic search resuls. As higher a web site ranks in the results of a search result, the greater is the chance that site will be visited by user.

When web user types a word or phrase into search engines (say Google, Bing, Yahoo, MSN) seeking for information or services relevant to your provided services and products, you want to appear on the first page of the SERP(Search Engine Result Pages). Search engines rank websites by the quality of sites content and incoming links to a website from other sites/pages. SEO is a part of Internet Marketing / Search Engine Marketing that can be broadly divided in to two major categories.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

PPC (Pay Per Click)

SEO is basically an unpaid means of improving the occurrence of search appearance of your sites and Webpages in search results of most of the popular search engines. SEO is basically of two types On Page and Off Page. (more…)