Do you Really Think Content is King in SEO?

With lot of changes in Google search algorithm, practicing SEO has become more of a strategic job for online marketers. Value of good content has increased drastically after Google released Panda update. But do you really think only content holds this much importance in your SEO strategy?

In this write up I will share how important content is, as well as something more important that you should consider in your SEO strategy.

Value of Good Content


Google Panda update has changed the scenario how content is used in SEO strategies these days. Years ago SEO practitioners use same piece of content or spinned spam ones over web resources to generate back-links, but time has changed drastically.

With release of Panda update from Google creating back-links is not that easy, you need to carve them beautifully within the content in a way that it holds value for end user. Now optimizer need fresh and informative content for their strategy, increasing value of content.

What Matters More than Content?

In today’s’ world fresh and informative content helps in good referrals, but it will not do the job alone. Where that content is hosted holds most importance. But try not to get all your content hosted on same resource, doesn’t matter how good the resource is. Better practice is to diversify your incoming referrals.

If I have to say in a line – “Greater the quality and quantity of referring IP, domains and sub-domains to your website better is your SEO practice.”


Take Away

There is no doubt that quality content is required for a good SEO strategy, but what matters more is how you are using it. Posting it on your blog will help generate traffic but that traffic may not be your targeted audience most of the times.

Getting it posted on high quality websites with a link to your site will help you get some link-juice, but as Matt Cutts said one or hundreds of referrals from same resource holds same value in Google’s’ eye. I am not advising you to spam the whole web with an article referring to your site, just try to diversify your inbound link profile.

Try to earn links instead of building them. Use your mind whenever you drop a link to any resource, just make sure that you are trying to help user in the end, else penguin updates will hit you hard someday.


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