The Concept of Landing Page Optimization in SEO

Google ask SEO community to optimize your website landing pages for user. It’s your website, what exactly they have to do with that?

Google has changed

Google have been working on improving the experience of their user from 2010. One of their criteria for ranking your site over big G is, “people to be directed on web pages that are useful to them for specific queries they made, and links clicked from referring resources”. It helps user to get what they want and helps websites to reduce their bounce rate.

landing page

Let me give you an example

Consider a scenario where a guy searches for “Taj Mahal memento” over Google or clicks a link to your site with same anchor, he might be looking to see what sort of replicas of Taj Mahal he can order for decorating his home.

He came to your website and lands on home page where you have listed many other stuff related to Taj Mahal, your website do have a dedicated page for Taj Mahal memento but he didn’t landed to that page, because you didn’t targeted it for specific query, instead you worked to land your user on home page for all your keywords.

User has to manually search and navigate to the section of your website where you listed Taj Mahal mementos. There is a great probability that he bounces and visits your competitor site where he lands directly to page listing mementos.

You lost a potential visitor who could have ordered a product from your site, but bounced just because he didn’t easily found what exactly he was looking for.

Effect on Search Rankings

Landing page optimization has a great effect on ranking of your website. First, if links are referring to non-specific pages they will not help to improve visibility of your site. Second if user lands from search engine or those links to your home page, he will not find what he was looking for at a glance and bounce back, which increase site’s bounce rate, and high-bounce rate is not a good signal for Google to rank your site.


Above described is the reason Google asks SEO community to optimize landing page, it helps user to get the information they are looking for as well as it reduces website bounce rate.


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