What has Changed in SEO: 2013?

We all know that the world of SEO has changed a lot from what it was some years back. To be very true nothing has changed Google just went strict with their algorithm. Most of the SEOs are not sure what to do now after Penguin 2.0 (May 22 2013) and Panda 26threfresh (July 18 2013). What does these updates really mean and what should we do as an SEO.

Penguin 2.0

Google update its algorithm to make web more informative for users. It warns and take action against websites that violates Googles’ Webmaster Guidelines. So what are those guidelines that google warns against?

  • Backlinks from link networks.
  • Keyword stuffing and bad link profiles.
  • Paid links and advertisements that pass PR.
  • Excessive reciprocal linking for fooling Search Engines.
  • Links build using automated link building tools.
  • Spamming around the forums just for dropping links.
  • Link from non-relevant and low quality resources.
  • Widgets that pass page rank.

Panda 26th Roll-out

Google is consistently rolling out Panda updates just to make web cleaner for end users. Panda focuses on the quality of content and its duplicity over other web resources. Spinning of content is not at all effective, spinned content will not rank over Search Engines nor it will help you to improve the visibility of your website.

Update: Google rolled out Panda 4.1 in Aug 2014.

What to do as SEO Now?

Since there is lot of restrictions now from Google the domain of your work have contracted a lot. So as an SEO what can you do. The best strategies would be to

  • Participate on relevant forums, help others and get link in signature.
  • Instead of focusing on quantity get handful of quality links.
  • Do not target money keywords only, liquidify your targeted keyword.
  • Content is the King, try to give good content instead of crap.
  • Best practice is to get 1-5 links per domain (not more than that).
  • Maintain a healthy and natural looking backlink profile.
  • Keep a good ratio of dofollow and nofollow links to your site.
  • Blogging is a nice practice but guest posting is really effective.


If you are still practicing those old techniques of getting as many links then you should better change your strategy now instead go for relevancy, quality, and diversity. Else you will get a big drop in traffic eventually getting penalized by Penguine or Panda.


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