What to Check While Registering Domain and How to Use Keywords in URL?

If you are going to launch a new site for your business or thinking to optimize URL of your website then you will find this post worth spending the time. In the first part you will learn importance of domain name and later I will illustrate on creating keyword optimized URL.

How to Register a Domain?

There are lot of websites that offer services of domain name registration and hosting, picking any of those service does not make any effect on websites’ ranking. You can choose which ever you wish.

Google understands keyword, this is a well known fact; but if you are thinking to register a domain that is having keywords of your business then I will suggest you to wait for a while. There is another thing that Google and other search engines favor more than keywords- authority of the domain.

If you wish to rank good in search results with minimal efforts then instead of registering a new domain name you should better check for those that are for sale. Lot of old domains holds authority in search engines’ eye, try to grab them.

(Edited: You must check that the old domain your are looking for isn’t penalized before you buy it.)

You can easily defeat your competitors that has a business keyword specific website if your domain holds good authority. Try to get oldest possible domain and make that your brand.

It is hard to get good domain that was booked for the first time years back. Sure, old domains are much more costly than new one but you will feel the value of amount spent when you will find your website in search results.

How to Use Keywords in URL?

So now you have a domain. Once you have decided the number of pages and their content – you need URL for your pages. Including your business related keywords is a must practice thing. There are number of practices for creating webpage URL.

  • Using keywords without any space or symbol
  • Separating keywords with hyphen (-)
  • Separating keywords with underscores (_)
  • Separating keywords with plus (+)

The very first note for you is – people do not like URL with ?,.$%& other symbols and ID number, to be specific – URL that speaks nothing. From SEOs’ view use webpage related keywords, using hyphens (-) for separating keywords in URL is considered as the best practice. Try to make URL that itself speak to user what that specific page is all about, but do not make it too long; just be short and specific.

Using directories according to hierarchy of the pages is also considered as good SEO practice. Name the directories with a relevant keyword, but do not stuff it; just be descriptive with a single word.

For an example best URL from SEO point would be: http://www.olddomain.com/industry-related-keyword/


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