How to Create a Website from SEOs’ Eye?

What basically a website is? A websites is a place where you represent your services or products; it can be accessed from any location worldwide by any person using a browser. Building a websites is not an easy task but it is useless if people are not reaching to it. Google has been clear that they are not going to make it visible in search results if it is not up to their credentials.

In this post I am not sharing any technical details of SEO but only my personal experience on how your website should be developed in order to rank over search engines.

Websites are Created for Users

The very first thing that you must keep in mind is – you are building website for users. So try to make each and every piece of it informative for them. Most of the people do not prefer to visit a site that they finds hard to seek information and thus those websites have an awful bounce rate. Google keeps record of every visit and bounce rates and thus affect search queries.

The design of your website should be according to your targeted users. If you are targeting kids then it should be bright and colourful, if its youngsters then attractive, if professionals then the look and feel should be decent and hierarchical.

At the present time content is the king; let me be more specific, not just content – engaging content. Content includes text, images, audio, videos, infographics, etc. Do not put in anything that annoys user. Combining a bit of every format in a manner to make it engaging is a tough job, but that’s what is required. If you wish to rank over Google searches then your must provide more and more information over your web pages in a genuine manner.

Now it’s Turn for Search Engines

Google has provided you an awesome tool that lets you know what keywords are important for your industry – the adword keyword tool. What you require is a Google account and you can check your websites’ industry related keywords with lot of other information.

Very first thing that crawler checks in your website is the Meta data. Optimize your websites’ Meta data in an approach that it should be genuine and informative to both – search engine and end-user. Title and description are really important; title helps a lot to make your website visible in search results while search engine shows up a snippet of your description under the title to make people understand what this page is all about.

Using your industry specific keywords in title and description is recommended but do not stuff them. Making it look authentic should be your primary concern, if it does not look justifiable then search engines is not going to show your website in search results.

Use only white hat SEO techniques while doing onpage optimization of your website pages. Once you have created website that follow all Googles’ credential then there is pretty fair chance that it will be visible to users over search engines. Sure you are not done, offpage work is required, it has its own importance; but do not consider it only as link building.


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