Helpful Tools to Practice SEO

In the industry of Search Engine Optimization life revolves around ranking higher over organic search results. The work of SEO yields best results if done manually, software are not that much useful but still few tools are really helpful for search engine optimizers. I am going to list a few of them here.

SEO Quake Toolbar:

The traffic and page rank are some of the most important factors for SEO. While you are visiting any website for creating you link you must check the traffic and is the PR higher or at least equivalent to your web site. SEO Quake toolbar is free for Firefox browser and it shows accurate information of Google PR, Alexa traffic rank, number of pages indexed over Google’s database, number of pages indexed in Bing, age of the domain, Facebook shares, Tweets and much more at one place. This toolbar is a must have asset if you are a SEO.

NoDoFollow Addon:

How do you check the links you created on other web gives you website strength? NoDoFollow is really a great addon for Firefox browser that will let you check the links that you created are Dofollow or Nofollow in simple mouse clicks. It will highlight all Nofollow links on a webpage in red colour and Dofollow one in bluish colour.

This addon is nearly brilliant but it sometimes shows external nofollow links as dofollow. This is the best we have but better check the source code for being sure that the website you are working on gives you dofollow link.

Sharing a list of helpful addons for Firefox.

SEO Toolbar by Mox

With Google not updating Page rank stats frequently it has became harder for SEO community to judge any URL Moz for the same has their own criteria for analyzing web pages, which is proving to be pretty helpful for SEO professionals. This toolbar installed on your browser lets you check authority of pages and domain.

Web Browser:

All the browsers available over web are free to use. You just need to install them over your system and start working but which is the best one from SEO’s view. You need high performance while you work; Window’s default browser is really slow, Apple’s Safari doesn’t support lot of addons, Google’s Chrome is great but lacks some addons for your purpose, Opera is pretty nice but isn’t helpful for the job. Mozilla Firefox is the best browser for practicing offpage work. The performance is great and it provides almost all the addon that you need.

Analysis Tools:

Sure you can check Google analytics and webmaster tools for getting the search queries, keyword ranking, traffic sources and other information of your website. But if you want more details of your website then you can check online services for such information.,, and are some or the best services available online. These websites are free to use but they offer paid services for providing more stats.

There are lot of tools available over web that helps you while doing SEO of your websites but choosing the right one and in right way makes them more effective. I have shared few of them and hope you will share your favourite one in the comments.


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