How to do Social Bookmarking and What to Bookmark

Basically social bookmarking is saving and sharing useful and interesting content over web through your accounts to other web surfers. From SEO’s point these websites are very helpful in increasing the visibility and traffic to website, blog, article and other web entities.

Generally most of the social bookmarking websites have a nice reputation in search engines eye as they displays variety of informative content from various resources; mostly they possess high page rank and great traffic. Getting links from those great bookmarking websites benefits in many ways; the major benefits include:

  • Rapid indexing via social bookmarking sites.
  • Traffic generation via social bookmarking sites.
  • Personal branding via social bookmarking sites.
  • Quick quality back links via social bookmarking sites.

How to do Social Bookmarking?

For bookmarking your websites, blogs and other URLs; you have to create accounts over social bookmarking websites. Once you are registered user, try to add more and more people to your groups and communities. Every bookmarking websites provide you different means for sharing your content like add page, links or bookmarks.

You do not need to work on large number of bookmarking sites; having active account over few good ones will do the job. A list of few great website includes “,,,,, etc”.

What to Bookmark?

After activating your account you will first save all the pages of your website, which is an obvious thing; now what else you can save to your bookmarking accounts? Since these websites now have your URLs, what else can you do?

The web space is huge; you can search and save pages you like over these websites, making web interesting for explorers. But as an SEO you must be concerned more about improving visibility of your website.

Since you are SEO you would be doing other activities too for promoting your website by creating links over other domains via activities like blog commenting, forum, Web 2.0 and others. What is the benefit if your created links are not crawled by search engines?

The pages bookmarked over these websites get immediately crawled by search engines and hence googlebot will finds your links over web with ease in lesser time. If you want your website to rank good, you must bookmark all URLs that give strength to your website.


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