How to Get Dofollow Links from Forum

Google’s distinguished engineer Matt Cutts in one of his interviews have shared that taking links from high PR websites is not enough to get ranked. One of the best ways to get quality links is participation in discussions of your business relevant website. Since forum are discussion board, getting links from there may help your website to rank high in Search Engines.

Always keep in mind: Never stuff your keywords and links in discussions, always be genuine and try to help others by sharing your knowledge. Include the links with your keywords in the signature section. Due to recent Panda and Penguin updated most of the forum now gives nofollow signature links. So how to work?

Let’s Get Started

Since relevancy is an important criteria make query on Search Engine for forums with your keywords, for example: if you are searching iPhone industry forums make a search with “iPhone forums”. Google will show you a big list but not all are supposed to work on from SEO’s point of view.

How to Choose Forum to Work On?

  • There are a lot of criteria that you must check while selecting a forum to work on.
  • The Page Rank of a forum is the first criteria that you must check. Greater the PR more valuable is the forum. (Pick forums of least 4 PR to work on).
  • The traffic of a forum matter a lot. Check the traffic of the forum, is forum getting a nice amount of visitors so you may get a good number of discussions to get involve every day?
  • Is forum having good amount of threads (depending on your personal knowledge) in which you can participate, share knowledge and get links.
  • Last but most important, does the forum gives dofollow links in the signature.

How to Check Signature Links?

There is no way you can directly get information that whether forum gives dofollow signature links, you have to work on it and find it manually. Install nodofollow add-on in your Firefox browser and surf the threads of forum and check whether Signatures in the forums are nofollow or dofollow. Once you get multiple threads where you have seen dofollow links in signature make a cross-check by visiting the source code of the pages. As an SEO you must get sure that the forums you are going to work on gives dofollow links in signature else you are wasting your valuable time.

Now, How to Work on Forum?

Forums are discussion boards where people post their problems and other topics for getting knowledge. First you need to make an account on your selected forums and provide genuine information regarding your work and other details. Some forums allow you to add signature as you make your account but most do not. They have a certain criteria that you can add signature after specific number of posts or after certain level of reputation. Do not make that specific number of posts in same day, be a regular visitor and contribute in threads by sharing your knowledge and help solving the problems. Once you have made that number of posts the forum will allow you to add a signature with your link.


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