Do you Really Think Content is King in SEO?

With lot of changes in Google search algorithm, practicing SEO has become more of a strategic job for online marketers. Value of good content has increased drastically after Google released Panda update. But do you really think only content holds this much importance in your SEO strategy?

In this write up I will share how important content is, as well as something more important that you should consider in your SEO strategy.

Value of Good Content


Google Panda update has changed the scenario how content is used in SEO strategies these days. Years ago SEO practitioners use same piece of content or spinned spam ones over web resources to generate back-links, but time has changed drastically. (more…)


A Walk with Google Penguin Updates

In an effort to make web a better place for users, something that started in September 2002, Google is continuously changing their algorithm and making it smarter. They have some clear webmaster guidelines that makes it difficult for SEOs to practice specific activities in order to make websites rank in SERPs.

In this article I will walk you through the updates that Google made to their algo for fighting with unnatural link-building techniques and tricks by smart SEO practitioners.

walking penguin

Penguin: (Webspam Update) – April 2012

Sure, many of you have not heard the name “Webspam Update”, but this is what it was called when Google rolled it out for first time to check over-optimized links to websites, eventually penalizing them. (more…)

What is Google Panda Update?

During recent years there have been buzz in SEO industry every now and then that Google rolled-out Panda update. What exactly it is? I will let you know everything related to Googles’ Panda update in this post.

Why Panda Came into Existence?

With growing web usage and competition for monetizing from web SEO professionals were taking measures to manipulate Google SERP, keeping webmasters guidelines aside. When Panda came into existence, web was full of content and most was not informative to user, the whole sole purpose of that content was to help websites rank.

With the help of automated tools SEO community was generating content and distributing it, giving wrong ranking signals to search giant. For stooping web spam Google gave birth to Panda.


What is Panda?

In terms of SEO Panda is not that cute bamboo eating black and white bear found in south central china, Panda is an update made by Google in their algorithm to fight with poor quality/thin, spinned and copied/duplicate content over web. (more…)

The Concept of Landing Page Optimization in SEO

Google ask SEO community to optimize your website landing pages for user. It’s your website, what exactly they have to do with that?

Google has changed

Google have been working on improving the experience of their user from 2010. One of their criteria for ranking your site over big G is, “people to be directed on web pages that are useful to them for specific queries they made, and links clicked from referring resources”. It helps user to get what they want and helps websites to reduce their bounce rate.

landing page

Let me give you an example

Consider a scenario where a guy searches for “Taj Mahal memento” over Google or clicks a link to your site with same anchor, he might be looking to see what sort of replicas of Taj Mahal he can order for decorating his home.

He came to your website and lands on home page where you have listed many other stuff related to Taj Mahal, your website do have a dedicated page for Taj Mahal memento but he didn’t landed to that page, because you didn’t targeted it for specific query, instead you worked to land your user on home page for all your keywords. (more…)

How to Buy an Old Domain: What to Check?

With number of algorithm updates from Google, the value of domain really matters a lot. If you are thinking to build a new website for your business and want it to rank over search engines then instead of registering for a new domain prefer to go for the one that is for sale. In this post I will pen down some resources and matrices to look for while buying an old and valued domain.


Where Will You Find Expired Domains?

There are number of online tools that give you a list of expired domains with a lot of other matrices for evaluating its value. I have used almost all of them and found Moonsy the best one; it provides you lot of information about every listed domain for sale including its price, time left for sale/bid, Google PR, MOZ DA, internal pages with PR, and much more.

Every expired domain is either sold on a fix price by the owner or it is placed in auction for bidding; prefer to go for domains that give you an option of “buy now” if you have limited budget, as bidding over good domains usually costs a lot. (more…)

What has Changed in SEO: 2013?

We all know that the world of SEO has changed a lot from what it was some years back. To be very true nothing has changed Google just went strict with their algorithm. Most of the SEOs are not sure what to do now after Penguin 2.0 (May 22 2013) and Panda 26threfresh (July 18 2013). What does these updates really mean and what should we do as an SEO.

Penguin 2.0

Google update its algorithm to make web more informative for users. It warns and take action against websites that violates Googles’ Webmaster Guidelines. So what are those guidelines that google warns against?

  • Backlinks from link networks.
  • Keyword stuffing and bad link profiles.
  • Paid links and advertisements that pass PR.
  • Excessive reciprocal linking for fooling Search Engines.
  • Links build using automated link building tools.
  • Spamming around the forums just for dropping links.
  • Link from non-relevant and low quality resources.
  • Widgets that pass page rank.

Panda 26th Roll-out

Google is consistently rolling out Panda updates just to make web cleaner for end users. Panda focuses on the quality of content and its duplicity over other web resources. Spinning of content is not at all effective, spinned content will not rank over Search Engines nor it will help you to improve the visibility of your website. (more…)

What to Check While Registering Domain and How to Use Keywords in URL?

If you are going to launch a new site for your business or thinking to optimize URL of your website then you will find this post worth spending the time. In the first part you will learn importance of domain name and later I will illustrate on creating keyword optimized URL.

How to Register a Domain?

There are lot of websites that offer services of domain name registration and hosting, picking any of those service does not make any effect on websites’ ranking. You can choose which ever you wish.

Google understands keyword, this is a well known fact; but if you are thinking to register a domain that is having keywords of your business then I will suggest you to wait for a while. There is another thing that Google and other search engines favor more than keywords- authority of the domain.

If you wish to rank good in search results with minimal efforts then instead of registering a new domain name you should better check for those that are for sale. Lot of old domains holds authority in search engines’ eye, try to grab them.

(Edited: You must check that the old domain your are looking for isn’t penalized before you buy it.)

You can easily defeat your competitors that has a business keyword specific website if your domain holds good authority. Try to get oldest possible domain and make that your brand. (more…)